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Mr Raymond Hui      
Thanks for the excellent and professional cleaning and sanitizing of our ducts and furnaces. The camera view of the inside of our ducts was an terrific visual. After your thorough cleaning and inspection I feel confident that the improved air quality in our home will benefit our asthmatic family.

Mr. Shane Kardal       
They did a great job of cleaning and sanitizing our ducts. The camera that Vincent used to show me what the ducts looked like before and after was really neat. I would definitely recommend this company to others and hope to use them again the next time we need this service. Thanks again, and all the best with your company

Ms. Doen Gwendolyn Brown     
We appreciated your efficiency and professionalism during our recent duct cleaning. There was a minimum of disruption and everything was left neat and tidy. Your advice to have the main flue cleaned makes the house safer in the long run. We’ll be calling you when it’s time to have the ducts cleaned again.

Mr. Lorne Thompson    
We found Sam and his team very professional. They went out of their way to explain ongoing maintenance and how to get the best performance out of our furnace system. Extremely knowledgeable. We will definitely be repeat customers, and will recommend this company to our neighbours & friends.

Ms Terrian Grant 
To Sam, I want to thank you for the great work you did. We have a fairly large house and would always be discouraged by all the extra vent charges the big companies would add. I was very impressed not only with the quality of work that was done but also with the flat fee for the entire house. Fantastic prices for fantastic work!

Mr. Ryan Marian       
He did an excellent job cleaning the furnace and vents. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I will have him return in a few years and I will recommend him to my friends and family

Mrs. Nielsen.
The crew showed up on time (they were early actually) and set to the task straight away without brushing us off. Each aspect of the job was explained to us when we asked about it so that we knew exactly what they were doing. The modifications they made to the duct work to accommodate their airlines and vacuum system were plugged with professional looking grommets and tin plates where applicable. The crew showed up and and did exactly what they said they were going to do. Our cost was slightly higher than the $250 basic service as we had an antifungal/antimicrobial duct treatment applied after our ducts were cleaned. This up sell was not pushed on us. the product was presented to us and due to recent renovations we had made we decided to add this service to our package. Not required but it was good “Piece of Mind” assurance for us

Mr. Jonathon G. Howe.
Company did a great job . They where very professional, and unlike most companies there where no hidden costs, or aggressive upsells. Really glad I had it done, and you cant go wrong at that price.

Mr. Hayden Jones.
I was very impressed with X-PertZ Furnace Cleaning. They arrived when they said they would, took the time to explain what their process was and they were very upfront about the total cost, which was very reasonable. They took their time to make sure my furnace was working properly before getting started and a very nice thing for me was they removed their shoes. There was no hidden cost, the price was exactly what they said it would be, and they offered to do extras at extra costs, but not before asking me if I wanted it. First class service all around!

Ms. Jessica Tumbler.
We really appreciated the thorough cleaning job we received from X-PertZ Furnace Cleaning They were fast, friendly and did a great job! We would recommend them for all furnace and duct cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Ms. Jessica Fredlund
X-PertZ Furnace Cleaning Did a great job – Was very polite and personable. Would gladly have him return in a few years to get service done again. Would refer him to family and friends. Thanks

Ms. Jennifer Grande 
Very friendly and did a great job of our furnace and duct cleaning, chimney cleaning, duct sanitizing. Arrived on time, and didnt leave any mess behind. We Would definitely hire them again, and fully reccomend them if you are looking for a professional!.

Ms. Tanya Willshaw
They did our vents furnace and chimney last week. They were fast friendly and explained everything they were doing We are very happy with their work and would recommend them to anyone.

Ms. Bernie Lyon
Great guys and service. They explained everything they were doing. They also told us about getting a switch for the blower so we can have cool air in the summer. Being new to this type of heating , we’re from the uk, very helpful.

Mr. Trudy Holland
We decided to get out furnace ducts cleaned as our house was very dusty and that this might be contributing to the problem. The cleaning job was fast and professional, and we have noticed an improvement in dust levels – and runny noses in our house. We are very happy with the service and results.

Ms. Sherry Ricketts
This company attended our house yesterday to clean our furnace vents and furnace. They were very professional and did an excellent thorough job. We will definitely be inviting them back in a couple of years to perform this service again for us. I would highly recommend this to any family and friends. We had them do some additional work , and also purchased a lifetime warrantied filter, so paid more than the original $249.00 quote, but were happy with the cost. They weren’t pushy and didn’t try to upsell us on anything.

Ms. Sandra Lauder
I would like you to know that the young men you sent to Grande Cache did an excellent job of cleaning, putting in a humidifier and cleaning up after themselves.I would certainly use your company again.They were polite, respectful and we recommended them to friends also..


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