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You can be harmed by many things you cannot see! Homes each day are affected by:

Pet Hair and Dander
Allergens and Irritants
Microbial Growth
Excessive Household Dust
Smoke and Cooking Odors
Renovation or Construction Projects
Pollen, Mold, and Dust Mites

At Air Duct Clean we help homeowners rest assured that their home is safe from these certain dangers that manifest in ductwork. Our focus is to help rid homes of dangerous pollutants that can potentially lead to asthma or severe allergies.

Cleaning your clothes dryer exhaust duct is an important service. This is a service that is often overlooked and can cause water damage, possible fire hazard, health risk, higher electrical costs and even damage to your clothes dryer.
When a dryer duct becomes plugged you are more likely to experience moisture

Observing when your dryer vent needs to be cleaned:

Clothes (especially towels or jeans) take a long time to dry.
Clothes are hotter than usual at the end of the drying cycle.
Flapper on vent hood doesn’t open when dryer is on.
Reduced airflow and the resulting lint build-up cause overheating by preventing a fast-enough drying action. When this happens, the high temperature limit safety switch has to cycle on and off to control the heater. Most high temperature limit switches were never designed to cycle on and off continuously which can cause them to fail over a period of time.


We provide HVAC solutions for cooling, heating, and air quality improvement needs. We service all makes and models of HVAC equipment. Our expert team has a focus on energy efficient systems to help save you money now and in the long term.
We not only specialize in heating and cooling systems to keep your home, office, and facilities comfortable all year round, but also air quality improvement systems to maintain a healthy environment. Our experienced crew takes on all types of installation, maintenance and service tasks.

Cooling Services:
Commercial and Residential
Installation of new air conditioning systems
Maintenance and service on existing air conditioning systems
Installation of ductless cooling systems

Heating Services:
Installation and maintenance of furnace and boiler systems
We support gas and electric systems
Installation and maintenance of hot water heaters

Air Quality Services:
Installation and maintenance of air cleaning systems
Installation and maintenance of humidifiers and dehumidifiers
Installation and maintenance of UV light systems
Thermostat installation



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